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How To Hire a Manager

4 Easy Steps To Find the right match
Use YManage search and side filters to find the right fit for your project. Once you have found a service you would like to order, click on the icon. Hiring a Yacht Manager is easy:
  • Check out the Manager’s work samples.

    Work Sample

    A work sample is a project that applicants are requested to display on the profile. These samples are reviewed by the hiring supervisor as examples of work that can be performed by the applicant. The review is part of the overall selection process.
  • Verify feedback from previous clients.
  • Choose the package that best fits your needs.

    Packages & Services

    We created different Packages designed according to Standard Yacht Size/Tonnage, number of crew members, Approximate Operations and defined Navigational Area; each package can be personalized

Get Project Proposal:

Manage Your Project Account, Define the conditions.
Too busy to browse for services? Just ask for what you need to be done, set your deadline, budget and receive custom offers straight into your inbox.
  • Setup Management Agreement.

    Download Contracts

    After an introductory call, availability check and reciprocal agreement, the Manager will give you access to our virtual office This is where you can assign tasks, monitor activities and manage documents and calendar. In case you buy services, this process is automatic.
  • Get comfortable with the platform.

    Virtual Office

    Connect and talk to the team, define plans and appointments, tasks, access the files that interest you.

Collaboration Warranted

Safety measures, contracts, insurance and warranty.
Technology helps to perform traditional management services in a more efficient and collaborative way, but only having a trusted and skilled team guarantees the pleasure of owning a boat.
  • Company Policy & Term of Conditions

    Link to Term & Policy

    Check this link for policies and conditions: LINK
  • Insurances

    Management, Consulting & Software Insurance

    All our categories of professionals are certified and have proper insurance that covers all the services that they offer.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for detailed info. LINK
  • Contracts and Forms

    Standard or custom Management Agreement

    The User and the Company will sign a standard or custom management agreement that may include crew, technical and commercial management as well as insurance arrangements of a yacht. The Owner can buy modules separately or in package and decide to assign all duties to one or more Managers.