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    We focus on Safety First, implementing Safety Management System also for small and private yachts

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    Here at YManage, prepurchase evaluations & detailed budget is at the heart of what we do.

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    We make sure that yacht under our care remain 100% good mantained and operated.

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    We care about our crew. This is no joke, Seriously.

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    Your Yacht need softwares, website, or extra support on our platforms, hire a specialist!

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    Efficient Yacht Management include financial control and cost optimization.

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    Do you need an independent & unbiased advise on your yacht's performance construction or refit activities?

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Hire a Personal Yacht Manager for any work onboard, online. Register as a Yacht Employer Profile, Post your project like "Need Sell/Buy a Yacht, looking for Captain and Chef, Need to employ my crew, Technical issue on board." Follow your Manager Progress and pay by milestone. Buy a Pre Made services delivered almost in real-time..

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Become part of the YManage network and take the opportunity to work with top yachts. You should have at least five years’ experience in a high-class consulting environment (yacht management consultancy, ISM auditing or Refit, and Construction) or have a strong industry track record (at least ten years of crew experience)


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Aiming to provide high Personal, Quick, Excellent services
    • Personal: individual support though a personal contact- digital platform business model, do not have to be anonymous.
    • Quick: Manager Proposal within a few hours, many of our services are delivered online.
    • Excellent:You will only receive top services; our managers are certified and professional.

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